I Am a Mess, HELP! Journey To a Healthier and Happier Me

I have entered that season of life that some women yearn for while others loathe it.  I am one of the yearners, although,  not all of it is a walk-in-the-park. There are several symptoms that I could definitely live without.  Weight gain, hair loss, brittle finger and toenails, horrible sleep patterns, and memory loss are a few that have plagued my past few years.  I have started looking for ways to combat some of these problems.   Continue reading “I Am a Mess, HELP! Journey To a Healthier and Happier Me”

Four-Day School Week

I have been out of touch for a while because of school starting.  I, along with the best staff around, was hard at work getting things ready for professional development days and the first days of school.  We decided on a Hollywood theme this year and tied our PBIS to it as much as possible.   Having so much to do, I am glad that my school district runs a four-day weekly schedule.

Yes, that is correct, Continue reading “Four-Day School Week”

Leading Students to Leadership

Student Leadership

I am passionate about student leadership.   I have two kids of my own that are still in school and I want them to be leaders.  We are Christians first in my home.  My kids need to show leadership in that area first, not be a follower of the crowd.  They are being taught what is right and what is not.  What to pursue and what to avoid.   I want them to stand up for their personal convictions and make smart choices.   Are we perfect, not even close!  Continue reading “Leading Students to Leadership”

Using Canva For Graphic Design

Canva is an awesome and easy to use tool for creating quick graphic designs.  Use Canva to create header images for Facebook, blogs, and other social media sites or use it to create posters, fliers Pinterest graphics and so much more.   Since discovering this new tool a few days ago, I have created several different graphics.  I found it versatile and easy to use, therefore, the header photo for this blog is created using Canva.

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Are You Waiting on God, Or Is God Waiting on You?

Are you waiting on God to do something in your life, or is God waiting on you?  Having faith and trusting God is important.  God, however, doesn’t want us to sit idle and expect Him to do everything.  He guides us through the Holy Spirit to do His will.  John 14:26   We receive the Holy Spirit when we accept Christ as our Savior.  Romans 8:14   Continue reading “Are You Waiting on God, Or Is God Waiting on You?”

Lead Like a Pirate

I have been reading an excellent book called Lead Like a Pirate by             Shelley Burgess and Beth Houf.  Although, I am only about half-way through, I have written in it, sticky tabbed it and have gotten so many sparks to take back to my own building.   This is a must read for any leader.   Purchse your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  

Six of the Best Tools for Teachers

  1.  Classkick– A great website for student-teacher interaction and feedback.  Can be used in a variety of ways including centers, interactive lessons, PD, flipped classrooms and more.
  2. Flipgrid– A flipped classroom approach to using video for igniting student discussion and engagement. Available on iOS, Android, Chromebook, and all major browsers.  Here is a Flipgrid that I created: STEM and Critical Thinking  Stop by and add your thoughts on the subject of STEM and critical thinking.
  3. Actively Learn– Actively Learn is an online tool with thousands of texts and lessons that are interactive and real-time.
  4. InsertLearning-Love, love, love this Chrome extension.  It allows teachers to turn any website into an interactive lesson and connects perfectly to Google Classroom.  I can also see how this extension could be used for professional development, teaching teams or PLC groups.
  5. Newsela– A library of non-fiction articles that can be assigned by reading level.  Each article has five reading levels that you can assign to students.  Students can then take a quiz about the article.
  6. Lightshot– A fast and easy Chrome extension that allows you to take customizable screenshots.  Would be useful for students creating power points or Prezi’s or for teachers adding pics to Classkick or Flipgrid.